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  • Dr Payam Owtad goes above and beyond in his services to provide the highest quality care and experiences for his patients. He truly cares about your experience as a patient so he creates a relationship with you first while providing us expertise as an orthodontist. We highly recommend Dr. Payam as he is our favorite dentist and ortho to go visit!

    Leslie Medley

  • After visiting many orthodontists and getting different opinions that required many expensive procedures I gave up, until I met with Dr. Payam Owtad. He suggested a simple solution that was complete in 16 months and below the budget. I am very thrilled about the results.

    Sam Afshin

  • Hi there. I wish you can see my smile. Cause Dr Owtad did a wonderful job on my teeth. A nice smile makes a big difference In my life. I would recommend him to my family and friends anytime. Him and the staff there are wonderful people and now are my good friends. I like to say thank you for giving me a happier and brighter smile. They provide good friendly service. Teeth work at its best. Thank you. Smile!

    Walter Klain

  • Dr.Owtad and his team have made my entire experience from start to finish completely stress free. As a teenager, the idea of getting corrective jaw surgery and braces in the middle of my senior year sounds all but pleasant; Dr.Owtad ensured that it was all a smooth process and that both I and my mother were well informed of everything going on....

    Valeria Trevino

  • Before I came to this place I was shy to smile because I didn’t like to teeth, but now I’m super happy and comfortable to show my smile. Great place, great people and a great doctor. Thanks Dr. Payam and to your crew.

    Kevin Lares

  • Payam is one of the most gentle and caring people I have ever known. I would trust him with my life, and there is nobody better to help create a beautiful smile both mechanically and emotionally. His work isn't just in straightening your teeth, but in giving you a reason to show the whole world your beautiful smile.

    Kaitlyn Raine


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